The purpose of the FACSnet 15-30 (Youth and Young Adults ages 15-30) Network is to empower Young Leaders to provide resources for organizations and other youth and young adults within their communities. We place an emphasis on supporting young adults who identify as Indigenous, Newcomers to Canada, Visible Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities. Our goal is to provide opportunities and resources for Leadership, Career, and Personal Development.

Meet the Fall/Winter 2020/21 Team

FACTSnet 15 – 30 team is a user-friendly and accessible network for Youth and Young Adults (ages 15-30) to access comprehensive reviewed and summarized resources. Our Fall/Winter 2020/21 team consists of the following members:

Andres - Community Development Business Team Leader

Andres is a recent graduate from the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. This is his first year joining CIN and FACTS. As a Business team leader, he has taken on a supervisory and administrative role. He has also been involved with the Social Studies, Bilingual, Alberta/Japan and 15-30 networks. 

Diana - Global Soul Wellness and FACTSnet 15-30

Diana is new to FACTSnet this fall. She primarily works on anything related to Recruitment, Camp Projects and Global Soul Care. She is the primary leader for the Global Soul Care Team and anything camp related. She is interested in mental health and is thinking of pursuing psychology in the future.

Kathleen - Community Development Worker

Kathleen is a recent Bachelor of Science graduate from the Faculté St-Jean at the University of Alberta. This is Kathleen’s first year joining FACTSnet and she will be working with the visible minority and newcomers network, Alberta-Japan network, and the bilingual network. 

Rhea - Community Development Worker (Economics)

Rhea is currently a student at the University of Alberta in her final year of a BA in Economics. She attends Campus Saint-Jean, where she is completing the majority of her coursework in French.  This is her first year working at FACTSnet. She will be working on the Business Team and the Bilingual Team, where she can apply her skills and knowledge of economics and finance, as well as work on projects pertaining specifically to CSJ and the Strathcona francophone community, while making use of her second language, French. Rhea hopes to attend graduate school in the future to obtain a master’s in economics, and later move on to a career in the financial and/or public sector where she can continue to apply and grow these skills.

Community Development Consultant

(Anonymous) is a recent BCom graduate from the University of Alberta, specializing in Business Economics. In school they were active in a number of student groups, and launched their own boutique consulting firm. This is their first term working with FACTSnet. They have been supporting the Business, 15-30, and Cross-cultural teams. Their main priorities have been working on recruitment and HR development, in addition to performing web reviews and other smaller projects. They are also completing the 'Managing Your COVID Leadership Potential' course which involves developing personal introspection and career planning skills. Their vocational aspirations are to support intra- and entrepreneurship development with community and social impacts front of mind, as well as invest time in creative writing (a hobby!). 

FACTSnet 15-30 Network 2020

The 2020 emphasis of FACTSnet 15-30 is on assisting Youth and Young Adults who may be Newcomers to Canada, Indigenous People, Visible Minorities and People with Disabilities.

One of our goals is to connect students to Secondary and Post-Secondary education. We plan to help students explore their options with specific reference to the following:

FACTSnet 15-30 Opportunities

The FACTSnet 15-30 team is determined to ensure students will have opportunities to get involved and employed during these unprecedented times. For summer jobs see FACTSnet COVID-19 Summer 2020.

Meet the Summer 2020 Teams

FACTSnet 15 – 30 team is a user-friendly and accessible network for Youth and Young Adults (ages 15-30) to access comprehensive reviewed and summarized resources. The following consists of our summer 2020 teams:

FACTSnet 15-30 & COVID-19

The Teen Brain

Global Soul Wellness COVID-19

We have an opening for someone to develop resources specifically for youth aged 15-30. Visit FACTSnet 2020 Job Opportunities for more information.

Community Events for Minorities and Newcomers

  Listed below are a few events that occur annually for everyone to participate in but are designed to reflect the culture and traditions of various ethnicities. The goal is to promote multiculturalism and encourage minorities and newcomers into society. 


Target Audience 


International Children's Festival of the Arts

Children of all ages and parents.

Consists of music, dance, art making and so much more. , 

Black Gold Rodeo

Children of all ages, young adults and parents.

Four days of rodeo performances, food, midway, pet parade and more.

Muslim Link

Newcomer Muslims

Contains a list of activities based on location

Canadian Immigrant Fair 

Any and all newcomers to Canada.

Connects newcomers with information, inspiration, and education. 

Serbian Days

Serbian minorities

Sports, folk dance, national cuisine, bouncy castles, live music, ect. 

Filipino Fiesta

Filipino Minorities

Music, food, dance, entertainment and more.


African Minorities

Coffee ceremony, dance, music, food, and performances

Heritage Festival 

For everyone

Food, dance, music, and other heritage festivities. 

Cariwest Festival

For Caribbean Minorities

Food, dance, music, and much more 

Festa Italiana

For Italian Minorities

Food, dance, music, culinary lessons, sports, and cultural activities.

Priority Groups

FACTSnet 15-30 emphasizes on assisting disadvantaged Youth and Young Adults. The following are the priority groups that the FACTSnet 15-30 network works to help: